Find your target companies in minutes, instantly discover hidden gems!
Instantly get a comprehensive list of target companies for your B2B sales outreach just by providing 5-10 samples

100x faster

vs manual search

2-10x more companies

vs Navigator

50x more relevant

vs internet search

3-100x less expensive

vs Apollo/ZoomInfo

How it works
  • Send us links to your ideal client websites

    Input 10-15 links to the web sites of companies that you believe are your “perfect targets” and select additional limiting criterias

  • Al will define the criteria itself and check with you
    We'll find similarities between them in terms of subject matter and other criteria, clarify them with you
  • Check results and refine search

    Check the preliminary results and optionally amend search criteria
Why GetFunnel?
No more missed targets when searching by keywords & filters
Most researchers miss 25-70% of targets just because descriptions used in LinkedIn are not matching the keywords or filters.

⇒ GetFunnel allows for finding up to 98% targets!
No more exhausting manual hours-long research with Navigator, Google, and other tools
Spending hours to make sure you found all necessary companies?
Hiring more researchers to run campaigns on time?

⇒ With GetFunnel you get an excessive complete list of targets in minutes !
No more “hidden targets”
There are many cases when companies are staying under radar, especially if you target SMBs or specific geographies.

⇒ GetFunnel is your digital flashlight to uncover these “hidden treasures” and include them in your outreach campaign.
GetFunnel is designed with your needs in mind
Promoting your SaaS solution and planning your cold outreach campaigns? Get your target list in minutes, testing new audiences every month - around the globe.

You can limit your search to a specific region, or spoken language, select only recently funded startups - or choose enterprises with revenue above a certain level.
Whether you are a Software Development House, Legal Advisory, Marketing Agency, Accounting Provider, Training Company, or any other professional services firm, with GetFunnel you can easily design your cold outreach campaigns - targeting different audiences and types of businesses, locations or company sizes.
Imagine a specific search - for example, you need a sales leader for a SaaS company targeting furniture retailers.

All you have to do is to provide 10-15 links to the websites of the same profile (usually provided by your client), and GetFunnel returns you hundreds or thousands of similar companies.
Banking services sales cycle isn’t short, so proper targeting is a key to effectiveness and efficiency.

With all existing B2B customers’ data on hand, with GetFunnel you can easily get similar target companies for each segment.
Ecommerce and retail are too large markets to address all companies in the same manner.

Use GetFunnel to find sales targets that belong to the segments that already proved the demand - and then test others.
Are you selling commercial merchandise? Leading chains are clearly visible, but how about smaller chains and independent retailers?

Leverage GetFunnel to find all relevant SMB customers!
Office furniture and equipment, or tools and machinery sales should be well prepared not to waste time on “blank shots”.

Leverage GetFunnel AI engine to efficiently target your campaigns.
Many companies reconsider their insurance and security providers annually, opening a window of opportunity for new partners.

GetFunnel will help you to define high priority segments and targets based on your existing sales history of successful sales.
Are you doing market research for your company? Or running an analytical agency?

GetFunnel grants your team with a powerful research tool that delivers results in minutes, not days - delivering not only faster reporting, but contributing to budget efficiency.
Elevate Your Revenue with GetFunnel
Cost-Effective Precision
Trim your marketing and sales budget while boosting results. GetFunnel's "Samples driven search" taps into your ideal companies, slashing acquisition costs for more impactful sales.
Effortless Efficiency
Time is money. With our "Perfect human-less interface," download top-notch lead lists in 5-7 minutes. Spend more time selling, less time negotiating, and supercharge your sales performance.
Limitless Exploration
Uncover more opportunities effortlessly. GetFunnel's "Diversified data sourcing" blends LinkedIn, website data, Google Maps, and proprietary databases, expanding your pool of potential leads.
Grow your sales with GetFunnel.AI
Special partnerships terms for marketing agencies
You can use GetFunnel as a primary tool for preparing LinkedIn outreach funnels, or purchase email and mobile phone details from your existing providers - being sure you have the perfectly targeted audience.