Get customer lists of your competitors or partner companies
Based on feedback from customers and real users of products and services

How it works
Choose companies
We have huge databases of over 20,000 companies and their customers.
We'll analyse the reviews
We will scan relevant reviews and enrich information about people and companies, including contacts.
Receive Client Lists
We will send a list of feedback and contact details from the previous period and will send new feedback as well.
GetFunnel is designed with your needs in mind
Make a list of your competitors' customers, find your strengths compared to your competitors among the reviews you find, and show your strengths to their customers.
Get a list of people who actually use a product or service, own a process or task out of the hundreds of employees in the company.
Communicate with as many relevant people as possible who can evaluate the benefits of the product, integrate it and test it out.
Find opportunities to complement each other's services, highlight your own strengths or compare the offerings of colleagues
Elevate Your Revenue with GetFunnel
Exclusive Lead Generation Channel
Discover leads that you won't find elsewhere.
Real-Time Data Accuracy
Up-to-date information, including email and LinkedIn profiles.
Direct Contact with Real Customers
Communicate directly with service users or task owners.
Grow your sales with GetFunnel.AI