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some of the most sophisticated and demanding companies in the world trust tri-m as their electrical solutions partner. for fifty years, tri-m has been offering comprehensive solutions and services to help our clients grow their operations, solve their most difficult facility and energy related problems, and meet their toughest deadlines.\\our clients rely on us to perform well in the most demanding situations where mistakes are not permissible and where safety and security are at a premium. from sensitive environments like health care and pharmaceutical facilities, to high security environments like government and military installations, our clients have come to expect excellent performance and great solutions in everything we do.\\technology has changed since we opened our doors in 1964, but our commitment to our clients, our employees and our community has remained the same. the growth of our business and the developments in technology enable us to offer our clients total electrical solutions. but our fifty-year track record of great performance and reliability allows us to call ourselves one trusted partner.

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