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teledirect provides on-demand software solutions unsurpassed in the contact center industry. being the only on-demand contact center in the world, teledirect provides online scripting, reporting and lead delivery tools that incorporate your latest business needs in real time. \\we can help with your call script design, work flow and all the key pieces of information an outsourced contact center needs to perform. our consultation is free and with 50 years in the industry, we have plenty of experience on which to base our advice. \\our high-level offerings include:\call center services\cloud telephony software\workforce management\lead generation solutions\\benefits of our services include:\no contract, no deposit, no minimums\100% us based\open 24/7/365 - never closed\free toll-free call back numbers\instantsalesexpert crm included

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  • borza livia, operator
  • linnea saunders, customer service representative
  • jennifer clemens, business consultant
  • latitia lemell, csr
  • sandra coggeshall, vp of sales

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