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we believe in thinking differently, we believe in people and what we can collectively achieve. we go to work everyday to help our customers receive the best return on their technology!\\simply technology has been providing technology solutions for businesses in the metro-detroit market since 2010. we understand that technology can sometimes be very complex, we believe in technology at its simplest form. we do this by offering our voice and it services with all the features and products your business needs to maximize efficiency. to find out more on how simply technology can elevate the productivity of your business please call us today! (248) 885-5515 or email us at [email protected]\\business voip\we're giving our customers a flexible suite of voip services designed to meet their dynamic needs. because simply voice is a cloud service, our continued innovation is delivered through to our customers quickly. our passion is creating a new way of delivering products and services that have been around for a while– the pbx – it's now in the cloud. we're excited about our customers ditching their landlines and taking control of their phone system. it's been too hard, for too long, and we're excited to bring change to that.\\cloud services\simply technology offers superior value to customers as a cloud computing solutions provider that delivers cost-effective, high-performance, and customized services. we can build to your needs - cloud servers, storage, backup and dr, desktops, hosted pbx, and even entire cloud data centers!\\managed it services \simply technology simplifies business by removing the day-to-day burden of data backups, planning upgrades while managing your network and hardware. we handle all it tasks on your behalf. you enjoy the benefits of backup data storage, guaranteed response times and superior service levels.\\

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