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at novo nordisk, we are driving change to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic conditions. diabetes poses one of today's biggest global health challenges. we work for a future where fewer people get diabetes, everyone with diabetes is diagnosed, and everyone who is diagnosed receives adequate treatment and can live a life with as few limitations as possible. \ \since the company was founded in denmark more than 90 years ago, we have been changing diabetes. this heritage has given us experience and capabilities that also enable us to help people defeat other serious chronic conditions: haemophilia, growth disorders and obesity. our ambition is to take the lead in each of these areas, driving change with an unfailing belief that it can be done.\\this page isn't intended for discussions about products. as such, postings or comments that contain product discussions may be removed. this page is for discussions about novo nordisk and its subsidiaries and the initiatives and projects we are involved in. while we welcome everyone to make comments, we reserve the right to remove those that are off-topic, abusive or intended to spam. \\any questions specific to products should be made to your healthcare professional. if you wish to file an adverse drug reaction please contact novo nordisk's office in the country you live in:\\for other customer complaints please contact us here:\\please keep in mind that novo nordisk a/s and its subsidiaries work within a highly regulated industries. therefore, comments that pertain to legal matters or regulatory issues may be removed. \\comments contained on this site come from members of the public, and do not necessarily reflect the views of novo nordisk a/s. novo nordisk a/s does not endorse or approve any content added by other linkedin users.\\learn more about our community guidelines here

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  • karen chetty, manufacturing technician iii
  • peter jensen, manager, soop
  • jean-paul digy, corporate vice president
  • gerd schluckebier, principal scientist
  • zainab kouar, communication specialist intern

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