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  • Founded in 1993
  • construction
  • united states, united states

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et environmental is a national environmental services company that specializes in managing environmental projects for the construction industry, directing turnkey remediation and redevelopment projects, and building waste processing facilities for the environmental industry.\\with a nationwide compressed natural gas (cng) fueling infrastructure and maintenance facility program already in progress, et environmental is a leading expert in this field. we completed our first cng project in 2004. since then, we have completed energy-related assignments ranging from facility evaluations and economic feasibility studies to multi-million dollar new construction installations. our team has successfully navigated the complex codes and regulations of cng conversion on a local and national scale. we are equipped and ready to partner with you to work through the specific details of your cng program needs.

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  • david laney, project superintendent
  • dave fugere, project superintendent
  • etoile etoile, marketing
  • steve arnold, vice president of engineering
  • lynda harnist, accounting

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